Monday, August 24, 2009

Handling stress

Jesus life and ministry was filled with moments of intense, stressful circumstances and adversity. However, He always managed to stay cooler than Obama at an NRA convention. I often wonder why I can't manuever through stress in the same manner. Jesus seems to breeze through crowds of angry opponents and death threats like a hot knife through butter. I think that Jesus' perspective on things made Him view life and it's circumstances with a confidence that comes from knowing their outcome has eternal ramifications. Plus, He is God...

I am not God...but I have the ability to ask Him for help when I face tough spots in my life. Since I agreed to do His will in starting a new church, I have been subjected to some severe stress like I have never experienced before, but I am finding that it is easier to be cool-headed and steady in the midst of these rough patches. I am more than a conqueror...and so are you! Don't lose your head over the stress of life. Stay close to the Father and let Him tell you what He thinks about the turbulence in your life. His perspective is perfect.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Making myself a priority...

I have been working through some of Nelson Searcy's material on creating a one year personal growth plan and I have felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit concerning my current modus operandi. I am generally (not always) a selfless person by nature, but there is a problem with that. I often place so much importance on taking care of others, that I forget to take care of myself.

In other words, I feel God speaking to me to get very intentional in challenging myself to greater goals of righteousness, personal accountability and ministry effectiveness every 365 days. Within that time, I will make rest, personal growth and leadership goals that will stretch me to be a radically more influential individual in the Kingdom.

I have already begun this process on a smaller scale with the 6x6 coaching and I can feel the joy of the Holy Spirit as I have asked Him for the grace to stretch those goals out over a greater period of time. During the space of time from Sept. 2009 to the end of Aug. 2010, I will set some very clear and measurable goals for my daily, weekly and monthly investment of time to get me where Jesus wants me. I realize that the investment of time is the most valuable investment I can make for my personal and spiritual growth.

It is my belief that a life is wasted minute by minute so I am resolved to trim the wasted time out of my week. I will also learn how to keep control of my calendar so that I am not tossed around by every need that pops up in the course of a day. Stay tuned, I'll keep everyone updated...

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Obvious Way

My brain is swirling with all the new things coming down the pike for me. The next few weeks have a flurried, hurried pace built into them that should make me edgy or concerned, but I am not. This isn't because I am ignorant to the demands on my time money and leadership, on the contrary I have found that I am able to manage more than I ever dreamed as I have adopted Jesus' take on the responsibilities of life.

Jesus was not moved by the intense pressures of his life, family ministry and career because He maintained a close relationship with His Father in heaven. the way to lead. I have begun a new chapter in my leadership of His church over the last 6 weeks. It seems to me that the obvious way to lead is to stay so close to the Father, that no one sees what I am doing for God. Instead I want to see what He is doing in the lives of the people I influence, love and care for. I am an observer of His grace everyday. What a great mission!