Wednesday, July 14, 2010

T-minus "not long now..."

It's mid-July now and our launch for the new church is right around the corner! We have September 19th, 2010 set aside as a day to celebrate the start of a new work of God in Gettysburg at the Middle School on LeFever St. (across from the Farnsworth House) and I can't wait to see what God does! Leading up to that time we have 2 rehearsal services planned for 10am on Sunday morning August 22nd and 28th and we will begin meeting exclusively on Sunday mornings starting on Sept. 5th leading to our Super Launch Celebration on Sept. 15th! Phew!

The Intersection's Roll-Out Calendar
  • Preview Services: August 22nd & 28th (launch team reports to school at 7:45am) Regular Sunday night services held at 6pm until the end of August
  • Sunday Morning Services Begin: September 5th (launch team reports to school at 7:45am)
  • Super Launch Celebration: September 19th (launch team reports to school at 7:45am)
With all there is to do, I have found tremendous peace and security in realizing that this is God's plan. He is the architect and planner and I am getting better (hopefully) at hearing His voice at every step. We have also begun a new sermon series on living by the Spirit of God and I can sense the momentum that is beginning to for as we go into this fall!

My Father is faithful and will not let me down as I continue to seek Him with all my heart!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier...

...Here comes July!!!

I have been so blessed! I am starting a new church, caring for my beautiful family and playing a lead role in the Wizard of Oz. Everyone of these endeavors makes me smile, but they also have another effect...they have wrecked my calendar in the best of ways!!!

With Harvest Cry last month and all of the stuff that comes along with church ministry, I sometimes lose track of what is really important. My family has been so patient during this time as I have stretched myself in ways I couldn't have even imagined a year ago. As a part of the Wizard of Oz, I have been able to gain 150 new friends in one, fell swoop and things are really cruising on that end.

The church plant is running on all cylinders and sometimes I can't even believe how faithful God has been to us as we step out in faith! He has helped us raise over $32,000 that we will need to be eligible for ARC funding as well as an additional $29,000 in tithes and offerings to meet our monthly expenses! Thank you, Father!!

With all my talk about time management and frugality/sensible ministry commitments, I gotta say that I have loved the "mess" that has been a result of this time of stretching. I have gained new friends and challenged my old ideas of what ministry is like, all at the same time! Granted, I won't be able to keep this pace up forever, but August is comin' baby! Let's go vacation time!!!