Sunday, April 18, 2010

Up and down and back again!!

Hey everyone!

It's a wild time at the Intersection right now!! My wife, Cori, and I just returned from our ARC assessment in GA where we were challenged and built up in so many ways. We can't thank God enough for the time we spend with the men and women that make up this powerful group of Kingdom thinkers and church planting enthusiasts!! You are a blessing to us!

The days following our return to the "burg o' Gettys" have been filled with extreme ups and downs, but God is still in control and I am learning to follow Him more closely every day. Our friend, Kevin came into town for a few days to visit with us and work through his own call to plant a church which was a great time filled with laughter and great discussions.

While he was here, we got a call from Michael Smith at the ARC telling us that we had been received as an official ARC church plant and have begun the process that will follow our time in GA as a result! That is all wonderful news, but I did say we had some downs, too...

Within an hour of my call with Michael from ARC we paid a visit to the man that owns the Dubb's Karate building (the building we had greatest interest in) to see if we could move forward on getting a lease agreement. In short, he found someone else to rent the space we were looking at with better terms, which means we need to start asking God to show us another location...and I KNOW He will.

Although it felt like a set back at the time, I am convinced that God has something greater in store for us and the city of Gettysburg! The ups and downs of church planting are getting more extreme, but I sense such a peace in the midst of it! I don't know what I would do without God in my life at times like these!! Let's keep focused on our God and His mission for us!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Heading to GA this weekend!!

Dear Friends,

Cori and I will be on our way to Buford, Georgia for our Church Planter’s Assessment with the Association of Related Churches this Sunday night. The Intersection will be happening as usual with a meal at 5:30 and a service starting at 6pm. We ask you to be praying for us over the next few days. We believe that the partnership we are beginning with the ARC will be a powerful tool in our hands to reach many more people with the love and creativity of the Father God.

In three weeks, we’ve raised nearly $8,000 with many of our people making faith commitments in addition to that amount to help us reach our first goal of $15,000. We are so close!!! Would you consider stretching your faith along with those who have already given at the Intersection so that we can reach our initial goal?

I know that there are so many good causes to give to during this time so thank you all for being so willing to stretch yourself (and your families) as we grow! With your help, The Intersection could be able to make the move to a building of our own by the end of May! If you are interested in helping us financially, checks may be made payable to Freedom Valley with “Intersection Start-up” in the memo and of course, we always desire your prayers!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Introducing the Power of One!!!

Here is the video for our latest project to share the truth of Jesus' love with others! It includes pictures of our leadership team and represents what God has done so far in our group of faith adventurers. You can give to the "Power of One" at any time!

Email me at if you can help us reach our goal of $63,000 for start-up costs at the Intersection...

Palm Sunday @ the Brethren Home

On Palm Sunday, The Intersection took the "show on the road" so to speak and shared a creative presentation of singing and dance with the residents of the Cross Keys Village, aka. The Brethren Home. So many smiles and moments were shared, but Kelly Miller managed to capture some of them with her camera! Thank you to everyone who made the night a tremendous success!!