Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On Becoming A "Giant Killer"

So I woke up at 5am with God telling me to wake up my son, Sam (age 7), get in my car, and go pray over a location that has become a kind of "Promised Land" for our God tribe called the Intersection. I know that God has given us this property. I don't know how it will happen and I don't know when, but I have been fasting, praying and thanking God for it along with the rest of our church family. In fact, we have been waiting to hear if our lease proposal would be entertained for the last few weeks... As I sat in the parking lot of the 7-11 across the street this morning, I couldn't help but feel a little like Moses sitting on the East side of the Jordan looking across to Canaan (a land promised to his God-tribe). I quickly opened my iPhone and turned to Deuteronomy 1 to read his account of that very moment when he looked across that river at a seeming insurmountable challenge and I heard God speak to me. As I left the gas station and drove home I felt confident that I would have an answer soon. Little did I know how quickly an answer would come. When I came through the door, Cori told me that we were denied in case a better offer came a long. I absorbed the blow surprisingly well, suddenly thankful that God had woken me up in such an extreme way to build up my faith. What he said to me at the gas station was that He was creating my story right now and that I should trust Him. A good story has it's share of evil, despair and enemies. Just like Moses' story. Moses faced two kings before he even got to the Jordan river that day. These kings were powerful men who stood in direct opposition to Moses and his tribe of believers. In fact, Og (the king of Bashan), was a giant of a man whose bed was the size of a bedroom in your house!! Some scholars believe he was part of a race of humans that is now extinct standing 10-11 feet tall. However, when Moses came to this challenge, he heard God's voice saying, "Do not fear Og, for I have given you victory over him and his whole army!" Thousands of years later, my God is speaking to me in the same way. He is assuring me that the giants I am facing right now have heavenly crosshairs assigned to them as well and soon there will be a giant skeleton for me to point to as the story that builds our faith to step into the Jordan and take on bigger challenges... Will you pray with me? God has given us a land flowing with His blessing, but we must trust Him to write the story. We must faithfully walk each step and kill the giants He commands us to take on one by one. Thanks for reading and may my God bless you in every way... jeremiah