Friday, December 23, 2011

Attend Christmas Eve Service With Us!!

Merry Christmas To All Of You!!

I pray that you are well and that God's blessings are upon you during this season of giving and reflection. No doubt you may be looking for a place to go to church on Christmas Eve. Whether you attend with us regularly or have been away for a while, The Intersection Church is the right place to be on Christmas Eve!!

I would like to invite you to join my family and I at the Intersection @ 6pm at the Gettysburg Middle School for a brief but powerful time of music and scripture that will kick your Christmas festivities off right! For those that desire to give, there will be a special offering to help needy families in our area. Please come prepared to give and allow God's Blessings to flow in your life!

I can't wait to see you and your family on this special night. I KNOW it will be a powerful blessing that will prepare and empower you for this incredible holiday!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Reverse Christmas List

As children we are inadvertently trained to believe that Christmas is all about us. The scene below is one that most of us can identify with...

The Christmas Story

We create a Christmas list with all the stuff we want Santa to bring and as long as we don't do bad things, he will put them under our tree. This is our experience with Christmas lists as a child...

The problem is, some of us have never grown up.

Our Christmas list may not include a Red Ryder BB gun or Barbie doll.

Our grown up Christmas list looks like this:

* I hope Uncle Paul doesn't end up in drunken fight with Grandpa
* I want people to compliment me on my Christmas dinner spread
* I want to avoid a fight with my ex over the kids

We try so hard to get these things for ourselves because we know Santa doesn't have a dysfunctional family eraser in his bag for us. We try to be good and hope that this Christmas won't turn out like the dysfunctional or lonely one we had last year.

In the end, though, we wind up disappointed because our expectations and desires are something people rarely ever cooperate with. What we need to learn is that it is much easier and satisfying to create a reverse Christmas list.

Here's what I mean; What if our adult Christmas list included things like:

* I want to give my kids my undivided attention for a significant portion of Christmas Day
* I want to give my family a great meal that doesn't kill me in the process (No compliments necessary)
* I want another chance at forgiving Uncle Paul for ruining my Christmas year after year

What if you approached Christmas with these question...
What can I contribute to SOMEONE ELSE'S Christmas this year?
How can I make SOMEONE ELSE'S Christmas List happen?
Where am I being selfish in terms of my expectations for Christmas?

I will be teaching on a biblical approach to Christmas listing that exemplifies the love God showed for us in sending His Son as a cure for the ME Christmas! Join Cori and I at 10am at The Intersection to make this Christmas a satisfying and powerful holiday!!