Monday, April 30, 2012

The Life-Giving Parent Workshop

I don't claim to be the perfect parent, but I do know that I am a life-giving parent to my two, beautiful kids. This past Sunday at the Intersection, there was a great response to the message God gave Cori and I on becoming a life-giving parent. Many of you said that you desire to become that kind of parent to your children. We anticipated this response and are pleased to offer a FREE, ONE-OF-A-KIND WORKSHOP to go deeper in this subject...
Don't miss this free opportunity to grow as a life-giving parent! On Saturday, MAY 26th Cori and I are hosting a parenting workshop that is open to ANYONE who wants to be a better parent to their children. Space is limited so this will be FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! Childcare will be provided for those who RSVP so let us know you are coming by commenting below. Also, please tell us how many children you will be bringing with you that day... The Parenting Workshop is going to be held at Freedom Valley (3185 York Road) from 9am to 12pm on Saturday, May 26th. We are gonna laugh and have a great time and you don't want to miss out!! Tell us you're coming and we'll save you a spot!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Worship Workshop This Sunday!!

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to let you know about an exciting opportunity for you to grow in the gift of worship and leading a congregation through music! This Sunday night at Freedom Valley (3185 York Road), The Intersection is hosting a worship workshop for every FV Ministries Network worship team.
The workshop will run from 5:30-7pm and will include topics ranging from learning your craft to building character and integrity as a team. I have invited members of the Freedom Life Worship Ministry to join me for a time of fun and training to build you up and encourage you in the gift of worship. Will you join me? It's gonna be great! Sincerely, jeremiah

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

40 Days to Change My Life

It is day 4 of my 40 day commitment to deny my physical body of food so that I can hear God's voice more clearly. The picture to the left pretty much sums up how my physical body is feeling at this point, but my spirit is LOVING it! Have you joined us? Are you fasting something too? If you are reading this, it is because you have some sort of invested interest in what God is doing, either in me or in the Intersection. So read on and let me tell you what God is up to through this church-wide fast...

Earlier this year I said that greater things were in store for us at the Intersection. Not just for the church, but for the personal lives and spiritual growth of everyone who would be attached to us when He takes us to those greater things. The fact is that the greater things God wants to accomplish in our world start with the greater things He is accomplishing in us as individuals, families and teams.

So let's dig in! Let's enjoy this season of fasting and allow God to heal us and bring us to that next level so that He can do a greater thing in our community and the world! Believe me, the Intersection is called to be a world-changing group of believers and we need the Holy Spirit like never before so that we can stretch our faith over the next month and a half. This will allow us to believe for things we haven't yet even dreamed possible. Reply and tell me what you are doing to participate in our fast along with what you are asking God to do in you and your family during this time.

It's 40 days to change our life so God can help us change our world!!