Monday, August 6, 2012

URGENT Prayer Post!!

Hey Everyone!

I need your prayers, fasting and agreement!! To be honest, there really has not been a whole lot to say about the progress on our potential move to the Yingling Auction House property at the corner of Rt. 15 & 97 south of Gettysburg until today. Last Thursday, we received a draft of the lease that was supposed to reflect the pre-work we have done thus far with Dave Sites and Mr. Yingling. After taking a close look at this lease we saw that there are some radical differences and unforeseen additions to this new, legally binding version of the lease. In short, we cannot sign this version of the lease in good conscience without some further negotiations.

This can be disheartening, but it is not a game-ender by any means. We are people of faith who do not rely on our surroundings and circumstances. Instead we hold on to prayer and God's Word. Therefore, I am asking all our serious prayer partners to spend some time in prayer and fasting, asking God to do these four things:

  • Give us wisdom on how to proceed in negotiations
  • Protect us from any pitfalls that could materialize among the legal jargon of the lease
  • Work out the things that we have no power to control
  • Help all of the parties involved stay at the negotiating table as long as is practical
We love you all and appreciate your help in praying/agreeing over this matter in this way. Thank you!!