Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Things To Pray About

Cori and I are so thankful for all the people who pray for us, our family and the ministry we have given our lives to. The Intersection family has some amazing opportunities on the horizon that need a lot of prayer covering right now. Would you fast and pray with me about the things that I want to mention below...

1. Impressions Of Christmas (Dec. 16, 17,18)

Please pray that all the details would come together and that everyone involved would be able to plug in and perform their tasks with excellence. Also pray that God would use this show to connect new folks to the life and power that comes from relationship with a Christ-centered church and new family over the Christmas season.
2. "Give It Away" Message Series (Starts this weekend)
Please pray that a spirit of true generosity would rest upon our congregation as we go into the Christmas season and beyond it so that we can make a difference in the world around us. We are going to be teaching giving, and a God-centered approach to our stuff that will equip us to live the blessed life.
3. Leadership transitions and promotions
There are some big changes coming to our leadership team as new faces step up to take new posts and take new territory as a result of our leadership blast this past Saturday. Pray that each new leader would be empowered to serve in the specific area they feel called to. Also, pray that Pastor Jerome and I can have the discernment to help these new leaders step up to their "serve spot". I am asking God to help everyone in our church find that one place at the Intersection where they can be connected to their purpose.
4. Christmas Eve Service
Please pray with us as plans come together for us to share a special experience on Christmas Eve. Please pray that we would be able to meet at the school and help us believe that many friends and family would come out and experience Christ on the only night many of them would ever come to church.
5. Prayer for Stronger Families
On a personal note, I have been asking God to make me a better father with His heart for my wife and children. I am asking for supernatural grace to be the best priest and protector for my family and my prayer is that other families would be drawn together in strength because our fathers are stepping into greater faith and consistency in their faith walk.