Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Next Big Thing For The Intersection.

Look at that crazy bunch of people! Camped outside the Middle School gym doors early on a Sunday morning in September 2010 because God wanted to do the next big thing through them. We believed God could use us to do something great...AND HE DID!! The Intersection was conceived out of a time of great discomfort for Cori and I. But look at it now...God is faithful!

God has really been making Cori and I uncomfortable again these days. Oddly enough, I am good with that now because I know that as soon as I start feeling discomfort from Him, there is sure to follow a season of growth that confirms His word to me. After that, I will begin reaping a harvest that comes back to me in the measure I let him make me uncomfortable. This has been the pattern...over and over again.

The more my faith stretches me, the more seed I plant. The more seed I plant in faith, the greater my harvest. Sooooo, this time I am going to try and relax a little more knowing the momentary pain or sacrifice that I make is not a sacrifice. It's more like a deposit...in the most reliable bank or trust fund you could ever imagine. So why WOULDN'T you make the biggest investment you could!

So here's the deal...in the next couple of months, I am going to roll out the next big thing for the Intersection. I believe that what Cori and I have heard from God could drastically change the way church looks. What if the church wasn't just about Sundays? How would that look? What would the church do on Monday, Tuesday...Friday, even. I cannot wait to roll out the dream for our next season of ministry at the Intersection. You don't want to miss it either...stay tuned!