Friday, April 17, 2009

Beethoven's Late String Quartets

Beethoven was always an innovator. The music he penned (especially near the end of his life) pushed the instruments and players of his time to their limits and often earned him the criticism of his fellow composers and artists. Even a young Franz Schubert, who would eventually search the same musical paths as Beethoven, accused him of being too visceral and brusque, in the composition of the "late string quartets."

By the time these quartets were released to the public, it was fairly commonly rumored that Beethoven was hearing impaired and it became easy fodder for those who openly resisted Beethoven's progressive art. What is interesting to me is that innovators are often ridiculed, maligned or dismissed as they step out and bare their souls in their chosen medium, whether it be music, art or business. However, he refused to listen to those who didn't understand him because he believed that the music he wrote came straight from God and because of that, we are left with some of the most honest and powerful music ever composed.

You have a song in may be misunderstood by others or criticized by many, but what is important is whether you recognize that your song is given to you by God. Because when that is unquestioned, sharing your song becomes the most important thing in your world and no criticism can stop you from getting it out!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Intersection: "Where faith and creativity meet!"

Everybody wants to see themselves as creative. Not everyone considers themselves as such. What would happen if people began to see the God-given creativity that is deposited in each of us? That is where we are going. That is our journey at the Intersection...

I believe that God has spoken to me concerning the arts, creativity and God's purpose for it in this day and age. Through the voice of the Holy Spirit and many counselors I believe that I have gotten some real clarification on who "The Intersection" is called to reach.

Here's the deal, I believe that God has given me the ability to draw gifts out of people who don't always see those gifts in themselves. My heart is to see wounded artists healed to a place where they can once again pursue the passion of their hearts. I desire to see a wave of Godly creativity raised up in my generation that crashes like a tsunami of holiness upon the waste places of today's entertainment driven society.

"God, make me the standard-bearer for the next generation of Godly artists. Help me to stand up to the Goliath that screams at the people of God in our day and age! Help me bring down the giant, our broken culture of excess and MTV zombies! You are able to do this and I am asking you to use me!"