Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Armenia Missions Trip Final Update

Okay everyone!

The team is safely back in the States now and everyone is adjusting to Eastern Standard time once again. I was expecting the jet-lag to be worse than it is, but it turns out I am surprisingly resilient :)

So here is the run-down on this powerful trip and all that God did! We went to three cities during the course of the week and a half we were there. We did nightly worship concerts with an evangelistic message and altar call each night. The Armenians are sincere and passionate worshipers! Despite the language barrier, they sang, danced and high-fived each other like we were singing in their language! I was truly blessed by their openness to our music and energy.

We started our tour in the shadow of Mt. Ararat (where Noah apparently exited the ark) in the town of Ararat near the Turkish border. The people were so open to the message of Christ and I had a chance to speak on His willingness to serve us in the cross, death and resurrection. Many young people responded to the altar that night, crying out to God for the ability to serve God (and others) with their very lives! I am humbled to have had this opportunity to speak to these beautiful people in Ararat.

From Ararat, we loaded everything up and hit the capital city of Yerevan, Armenia with the life-changing music and message of God's love for us! Although, we had trouble getting the word out about the concerts, I believe that many were impacted by these three days of worship and leadership training. Lance did an amazing job, teaching our need for a savior as we prayed and ministered to those that attended each night. We also had the opportunity to do some exploring during the day that helped us understand the Armenians as a people and nation. I am so humbled that God chose us to bless and serve these chosen people of God! They truly are a people with God-given purpose and destiny and I know that God released some prophetic initiatives that will help them be spiritual leaders in every area of the world!!

We closed the tour with two days worth of ministry in a town called Vanadzor. This town was one of three cities that were nearly destroyed by the devastating Armenian earthquake of 1988. The rebuilding is still happening and many of the Armenians I met were still living in the temporary housing that was set up for them back in '88. I was delighted by how this city responded to the Gospel message and music. They were open to God's grace like few groups I have ever seen and we spent hours praying (and prophesying) over people at the altars of this beautiful church!

Hundreds of people responded to preaching about Christ and His salvation plan during the course of these 10 days and I know that many others were healed, filled with the Holy Spirit and strengthened in genuine faith in a country where faith has been misunderstood and misrepresented for centuries.

Thanks to everyone who contributed financially towards my portion of the cost for this trip! (You know who you are!) Also a big shout-out to all of you who prayed for the team and I while we were overseas...You were as much a part of the team as those who traveled the 19 hours to minister nightly!

I will try to post videos and pictures as I get the opportunity on my facebook and other similar places. Thanks again to all of you who supported this mighty team of worshipers and made a difference in Armenia!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 3 in Armenia!!

Internet has been really spotty so this is my first official update. Thank you all for praying for me and the team here in Armenia! We are seeing an amazing response from our new Armenian friends! Tonight we sang, clapped and shouted our way through an amazing experience with God and prayed with so many who were hungry for more of God.
Last night, I was able to preach about Jesus and His sacrifice for us and we saw the altars flooded with young people who decided to follow Jesus!! Please continue to lift us up in prayer and dont forget toreach out to our families back home...they are making a great sacrifice as well through this week!

Tomorrow, we are off to the capitol city, Yerevan, for three more days of music and fun with these amazing people, followed by two days in Vandazor doing the same!!

Blessings to all of you and I will update when I have more experiences to share...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

T-Minus 24 Hours!!

This time tomorrow, our team will be setting out for a spiritual adventure to Armenia and back! I am so ready to see God's hand move in our lives as we minister and I am hungry to see others moved by the presence of God that will go along with us! Will you pray with us over the next 12 days?

We are asking for safe travels, strong connections with new believers and lots of God's grace to tell the story of His love for mankind through Jesus his Son! We will be traveling throughout the country, so please pray protection for us all as we go to places like Yerevan and Ararat, teaching worship leaders how to minister more effectively.

Thank you all for checking in regularly during the course of this trip. Your continued prayers will help make this missions effort more powerful for God's purposes on the earth!