Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MAN-FEST is this Sunday!! Join the whole Intersection family for Hot Wings, Hot Rods and Root Beer on keg immediately following our regular worship service starting at 10am. You should bring your dads, step-dads and not-so-dads out along with your whole family for a great time and good food!

Be sure to bring your canopy tent, lawn chairs and yard games along with you to church on Sunday and if you have a classic car, cool motorcycle or testosterone-tuned truck that you want to show off, drive it in and park it out!! It's gonna be a great Sunday so don't skip it, ya slackers!!  :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Leaving Sinai...

In Deuteronomy, Chapter 1 and verse 6, Moses recounts that moment in the history of the exodus from Egypt to the promised land when God told His people it was time to break camp and move into the next phase of their journey. The Israelites had been parked around the mountain of God where all of their needs were being met and life was somewhat comfortable. They could have chosen to stay there, but God was the one providing what they needed and God was moving. For them to stay in provision, they would have to follow Him. As I read that portion today, I am struck again by the parallels that exist between this burgeoning race of God people and our little tribe of Christ followers called the Intersection. We have met, (quite happily I might add) at the Gettysburg Middle School during the last two years. All of our needs have been provided for and we have even managed to save a little here and there, while giving as much away as we can. Our natural eyes would say that we could stay here as long as we wanted and we could live the good life. The truth, however, is that God may be calling us to strike our tents as well. And just like the Israelites we must make a choice to move by faith or hope that everything stays the same... I believe the miracles that have taken place so far concerning the Yingling property at the corner of Rt. 15 and 97 are amazing proof of God's desire to move us from here to there. I believe that God is desiring to nurture a life-giving church in that place for many years to come. I know that we should not desire comfort or ease and I am sure that blessing does not always equal fun. On June 11th, 2012 we will be holding a congregational meeting at Freedom Valley (3185 York Road) in Gettysburg to discuss this potential move and all of it's ramifications. Will you pray for me to hear God's voice concerning this decision? Will you pray that every door would fly open with miraculous intensity as we move forward step by step? Would you consider joining us at that meeting to pray, discuss and decide what the next chapter of the Intersection's exodus will hold? Thank you so much for praying for my leadership team and I!! jeremiah