Monday, September 9, 2013

Missions Opportunity "PLEASE READ"

 So here's the deal...God has provided an opportunity for me to share my gifts in worship and leadership with a group of people I never would have dreamed of. In October, my family is sending me on a missions trip to the Dominican Republic with a two-fold purpose. The first is to help dream up a strategy for the next festival that will see hundreds make a real connection to the living Christ, having their sins wiped away for ever. The second is to equip pastors in that country with the tools they need to stir God's presence among the people they serve week to week.

I am amazed by the Father's plans and I am humbled to present myself to Him for these purposes and I can't wait to make relational connections with nearly 100 pastors/ church planters in this island country. I am leaving my two small children and beautiful wife, Cori for that time because I believe that God can use me dynamically to change lives in the power of the Gospel alive in worship and teaching...

...Can you believe with me?

Maybe you are reading this because you have helped sponsor my mission exploits in the past. Maybe this would be your first time giving to this kind of trip. If you have been blessed by my ministry over the years or you have a connection to me personally, I am asking you to consider partnering with me in two ways.

First, I am asking all of you to pray for me as my team and I are gearing up for this intense time of ministry and especially from Oct. 6th-12th. Pray that many would have their lives transformed through God's grace at work in our team and that we would be safe, strengthened by the Holy Spirit to do every good thing we are called to accomplish.

Secondly, I believe that many of you would be willing to partner financially with me to reach my goal of $1200.00 to pay for my travel expenses. My family and I want to bear an additional portion of the cost for this trip, but I know that some of you understand that when you sow seed into another person's ministry, you receive a harvest from their work as well. That is why I am asking each of you reading to consider a gift of $10, $100 or $1,000 to invest in God's work for the people of the Dominican Republic.

If you feel led to give to my work in the DR, you can simply send a check (payable to Freedom Valley) to me and I will deposit them into an account for me at Freedom Valley. Be sure to write "Missions-DR Trip" in the memo, but do not write my name directly on the check if you want the gift to remain tax-deductible. Simply add a post-it with my name with the check to make sure it gets to me.

You can hand the check directly to me or mail it to the church (address below) with my name on the front of the envelope, but however you decide to give, please let me know by Facebook, email or text that you are contributing. It's that simple. Please consider giving any size donation to move me where I'm needed, sharing the love of Christ with these pastors, church planters and leaders!!

Blessings to all of You!!

Freedom Valley Worship Center
c/o Jeremiah Herbert
3185 York Road
Gettysburg PA, 17325

Thursday, September 5, 2013

10 Traits of Creatives, Artists and Entrepreneurs

Here is a great post I read this week! Lot's of interesting stuff here.

What's your reaction when you read this article?

10 Paradoxical Traits of Creative People