Thursday, June 4, 2009

The new rule...

Christians tend to approach social hot-topics like martyrs. We complain because so called "wicked" people are running things, and yet, we have the greatest tool to combat the tide of brokenness that has surrounded our culture...sharing our own experience of faith!

Therefore, I propose a new rule:

The rule: If you haven't shared your faith in the last 6 months you have no right to speak out against abortion or gay marriage.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Church Planting Bootcamp Pt. 1

Okay...It's Wednesday and my team and I have been going after what God wants to do through us in Gettysburg. He has been giving us more wisdom and direction moment by moment and I have to share some of it!

The Intersection will be a place where individuals can find renewed creativity, encouragement and acceptance in Christ, through expressed individuality. We will help people to discover, develop, demonstrate and deploy their natural talents in community with one another through training, commissioning and mentoring."

Put simply,

The Intersection is where faith and creativity meet!

You see, I believe everyone is an artist. If you are not it's probably because you stopped believing you are. This may be because of a careless word from a family member or a misguided attempt to develop talents or abilities that were never present to begin with.

Few people consider themselves to be artists, but everyone wants to be seen as creative. God put that Divine spark within each of us when He made us in His likeness, but many of us suffer from a "creativity blockage" that dooms us to a ho-hum existence with no place for Godly imagination and vision.

I am on a mission to restore Godly creativity
through the transforming grace of Christ at work in our our families and communities.

What would happen if...
  • We could imagine the solution to homelessness
  • We could dream up the answer to world hunger
  • We could think up the cure for cancer, aids and all the world's diseases
  • We could daydream an end to hate and murder, lying and brokeness
...of course, these things are foolish statements of impossibility, right?

I believe that these are the things God thinks about all day long. God forgive us for our small, self-serving plans and schemes. Instead, may we be filled with a sense of urgency, because as we seek the answer to His problem, He will take care of ours. (Matthew 6:33)