Monday, March 22, 2010

The Power of One!!

Would you agree with me to pray about the upcoming special offering at the Intersection. With your help, we can launch strong and make a real difference in Adams County! Would you fast and pray with Cori and I on Good Friday (April 2)? We are asking God for a miracle in the area of finances that will position us to make the next step to our own location in the borough of Gettysburg.

There are people who will come to Christ because of the sacrifice we give to God at this intersection of time. We can release freedom in the borough as we seek God’s face and mercy for the people around us! Please don’t forget to bring your special offering on Easter Sunday night as we learn about the power of one! One life, One word, one action can change EVERYTHING!! That is the power of one!!!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dub's Karate (The location saga continues!!)

I really desire everyone's prayers right now in terms of us settling on a location for the work God has called us to do in Gettysburg. There is an opportunity before us that thrills my heart and I just need everyone's prayers for God's will to be done!

After some negotiation and discussion, I finally got word from the man who owns the former Dub's Karate place at the intersection of 116 and 30 east of the square (the old fire house). Basically, he is willing to let us sign an 18 month lease with a reasonable lease and the ability to move in as early as April and May (at half the cost of our official lease rate)

This is a miracle to me and I must admit that my spirit is drawn to that building like no other. It's prominence in the community and the accessible parking and centrality to so many homes within walking distance is just exciting!!

Will you pray with me about this possibility? It will take a real miracle from God for us to be able to act when the time comes to sign on and move in, but I don't plan on doing anything in the life of this church that is not a challenge. Please ask God for continued financial miracles, leadership clarity and decision making that follows after God's heart for the borough of Gettysburg.

We can make a difference in Gettysburg, but we MUST be bold!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Big Race!

The starting gun has crackled…

We are off and running…

Many of you were at Freedom Valley York Road last night as people rushed the altars, looking to God for another chance at life. You may have seen the baptism pool and the tears we all shared over the deep spiritual healing that takes place in a life surrendered to Christ. This is why the Intersection exists! We are believing God for great things in our city! We run this race knowing that today could be somebody’s THAT day!!

Today, someone could find freedom from addiction through the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Today, someone could be restored to their family after the deepest of hurts have been inflicted!

Today, someone with no purpose will decide to give God one more chance because of what they see in us!

29 baptisms is a great start, and I am thankful for each life that was turned around in an instant last night. However, I also don’t want us to forget that this is JUST a start and the work continues.

We are calling the month of March “the BIG RACE” at the Intersection. One month to impact 100 guests.

Your family…your friend… your community!

Would you pray with me that through the month of March, The Intersection would exceed it’s goal of reaching 100 new guests before April 1st? God is doing miraculous things and we cannot relent!!

Thanks for praying over this new and vibrant work of Freedom Valley! I am thrilled to be teamed up with all of you!