Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Call to Greater Things!!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your commitment to our church body at the Intersection Church. Because of your faithfulness in giving, the Intersection has had an almost 30% increase in attendance over the past year from Easter 2015! The playground continues to bring new families into a relationship with Christ, and our kid’s wing has been getting regular upgrades to make the most of the space we have. With many commitments made to follow Jesus, and new leadership being added each day, we are poised to make the largest impact on our community that we have yet to see! We have seen God’s faithfulness again and again to the vision He has given Cori and I for our little corner of the Kingdom. Will you consider teaming up with Cori and I to do amazing things again?

On May 1st, we will be receiving our first ever Heart of the House offering at each of the three Sunday services at the Intersection church. I want to take a minute to describe to you what the money raised from this annual giving event will be used for.

We have two goals that we would like to meet with this $100,000 offering. The first goal is to secure drawings of our current facility to bring it into the future plans that we have for this building. The second goal is for us to make a sizable down payment on the remaining 17 acres that is left to purchase on our corner.

THE FIRST GOAL, an investment in the architect’s drawings, will bring our present building into the 21st century, including improved crowd patterns and updated handicap accessibility that will better serve our growing church community. Our plans will also include the addition of an office suite and counseling rooms for our growing staff (many of which have been without offices since the beginning)!

THE SECOND GOAL, a down payment up to $100,000  will ensure that the Intersection has the first chance to purchase the rest of our corner (17 acres) when the time is right.

We know that $100,000 seems like a lot of money for a single family or individual, but we never want our prayers to be too small as a community! Why are we asking for that amount? Why do we need more land? To be honest, it’s because we have only begun pouring into our community at the the level God intends! God has given Cori and I more vision than just a community playground and church on this property and with your faithfulness, that dream will become a reality and families across our county will be the beneficiaries of our sacrifice. This isn’t about building bigger buildings, but about strengthening people!!

The next ten years’ vision will include delivering a message of authentic community and God’s love to the county, the state, the nation, and the world through many facets of ministry that are only in the beginning stages right now.
  • We believe God has asked us to bring more of what is happening on the inside of our current building to the outside with an inclusive playground for disabled adults and children so special needs parents can interact with their kids!
  • We believe God has asked us to begin writing and developing a dinner theater about God and Country that will impact tourists with the message of God's love and His heart for this nation.
  • We have a desire to establish an area to help the growing population of homeless in our community.
  • We want to finally provide a home for our flourishing Center of the Arts
  • A new church sanctuary which would double as the theater throughout the week, allowing our church to continually be used to show and share God's love with its growing influence in the community!

The first six years have revealed our contribution to the city and county, but I believe that the next ten years will reveal the Intersection’s contribution to the state and even our nation! If you would like to speak with Cori and I about the plans we believe God has given us, you can text or call me at (717) 398-9072 and set up a time to chat. We LOVE sharing the vision God has for His 31 acres at the intersection of 15 and 97!!

Will you and your family make a contribution? Cori and I rarely ask people to give, but I am hoping that we will see 100% involvement in the Heart of the House offering we will be receiving on May 1st. Whether it’s $1 or $100,000 your gift is important and necessary for us to reach our goal for this year. All you need to do is bring your gift with you to church on May 1st and mark a “♡” on the memo of your check and envelope so that we can clearly see what was given.

Jeremiah and Cori Herbert