Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Gospel according to Spurgeon



From a sermon of Charles Spurgeon, 19th Century pastor and speaker. 

I have met with persons who said, “I believe I am saved, because I have dreamed about it.” Or, “Because I read a verse of Scripture that applied to my own case. Or, the pastor said something in his sermon that made me feel saved.” Or, “Because I began weeping and became excited, and felt like I never felt before.” Oh! But nothing will stand the trial but this, “Do you renounce all confidence in everything but the finished work of Jesus, and do you come to Christ to be reconciled in him to God?” If you do not, then your dreams, and visions, and thoughts, are nothing but dreams, and visions, and thoughts, and will not serve you when you most need them. Pray that the Lord will truly bless you, for there is a great lack of truth in your profession of faith.

The Gospel is still true. Jesus is the only answer that will be right on that day. Count on it.